Landscape Design & Installation

Our highly talented landscape architects and designers can help reinvent your landscape by listening to your ideas and priorities while working together to achieve the perfect look and feel for your landscape.

Lawn & Plant Health Care

When a client is on our Plant Health Care Program, their landscape is constantly monitored for pests and diseases. Our pruning practices, performed by staff certified arborists, are of the highest quality so that your landscape is protected for years to come.

Landscape Maintenance

The benefits of having your yard landscaped are immeasurable. The care and attention we can give to your space will allow you more time to focus on the things that matter to you.

Tree Care & Removal

Well maintained trees and shrubs add a clean manicured look to your landscape, adding great value. Some times it takes a professional eye to really bring out the beauty that nature has to offer.


Our skilled professionals can install an irrigation system to save you both time & money. These systems conserve water and improve the growth of gardens. A well-designed landscape deserves an efficient and effective water delivery system.


Leahy’s Landscape Lighting uses design fundamentals to create and install landscape lighting systems that will leave you feeling safe and allow extended enjoyment of your landscape.


From start to finish, our Masons create beautiful features to add to your outdoor living experience. All of our masonry work is customized to appeal to your preferences and fit your needs.

Organic Care

We can provide a complete, natural and safe lawn care system that is harmless to plants, animals and people, restores life to your soil and health to your lawn. Call us for a free soil analysis or estimate.

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